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We are living in an era of unprecedented information, creation, community, and community and a ‘renaissance’ in writing and reading unparalleled since the invention of the printing press.

We have just entered the tablet device era. With the uptake of this a preferred ‘consumption’ device, users are quickly showing a strong preference to the e-book format.  The recently launched, user friendly software available for e-book creation together with the existing iTunes/iTunes U distribution platforms, will lead to community authors of all ages naturally choosing the e-book format as a preferred medium for writing and distributing their writing to a global audience.

This provides a powerful opportunity to support the literacy development process in young readers and writers. It also provides an amazing opportunity to value the voice of all writers and support their growth. Everyone has a voice and a story – our role is to help broadcast them!



  • To create an extensive digital library of  e-books, written by and for learners and available for free download and use by others
  • To support publication of selected e-books to ‘commercial’ e-book distribution


  • To ignite a wave of excitement in empowering the writing, access and reading of e-books for students and other learners.

Strategic Goal

To establish models for

  • Training students and teachers in the skills for writing e-books
  • Publishing and distributing e-books
  • Build communities of writers in target languages
  • Establishing models for incorporating e-literacy in disadvantaged schools and communities
  • Celebrating student writing, e.g. Writers’ Festivals