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The New World


By: Hyugo

From: International School of Düsseldorf
Published on: June 7, 2017

Vespucci was born in March 9, 1454 in Florence (Italy) and he always wanted to explore but he was pressured to work in a business from his father. Despite that this makes him more interested to explore.  On May 10, 1497 at the age of 40, Vespucci set sail on a Spanish ship for the first time.However his third voyage that he sailed on may 14 in 1501 is known as the most successful voyage because he finds many places before he finds The New World. Unluckily on 1504 he was sent back to Spain.

What is the New World?

Who is the explore that made Vespucci want to see the whole world by his own eyes?

Who made him go back to Spain?

Read to find out!!!


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