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The Abyss


By: Olga

Published on: May 19, 2016

 The momentum of the ocean churned underneath the great bowls of the ship. The beams groand and ached under the pressure of the waves, as another plummeted onto the sides of the ship. Attacking from all directions it sent the vessel seizuring from side to side. The power of man was no match for the power of nature.

Chapter 1

 I held my breathe as the water swarmed around me. There ceased to exist solid and liquid. Everything was dark. My body began to convulse as the water pummeled me relentlessly. Being torn apart by the strong winds, the ship began to break. And all I could think about was the fact that I was going to die. The statement ran through my head as the water ran through the ship. It seemed to consume every inch of me. This is not how I wanted it to end. I didn’t want things to stop before they had even started. I twisted through the water as the currents threw me around as if in a game. Like I was nothing more than another life that the depth of the ocean would claim. I concave, folding in half as the last air left in me vanishes. Then, I hit something, and all seems to cease. The world goes darker than ever before.

Chapter 2

  I waken, air being drawn back into my lungs as I gasp. I gag and throw up, nothing coming apart from more water. I splutter and spit as I realise that i am resting upon something solid. A raft has been fashioned out of the debris and wreckage. There must have been at least eighty men all staring at me. Huddled like afraid animals, they coward away from the water. The whole raft was crammed with men, all gaunt with hunger and exhaustion. Startled i sat up in confusion and dismay. The thought hit me like a wave. I’m alive.

Chapter 3

 Days were slow. Each hour felt like a week. I felt like a sweltered animal. My bones shone through my almost translucent skin. My ribs pushed through and stretched the tender flesh that was peeling away from my body after the consistent radiation of the sun. Blisters boiled up on my skin, huge and oozing.  Every part of me wanted to give up. More storms raged through the ocean, ripping through our rafts. The bindings stretched and signed under the colossal weight of the men, clenching on to the raft, knuckles white, hands bleeding. I looked around me, the desperation and fear of the men clear on their faces. No need to hide the obvious. No one wanted to die. The thought came crawling into my head again. Scratching into my head the one same sentence. Over and over. I was going to die. And the more i thought about it, the harder my fists clenched into the wood, the more my hands bled, the more scared i became. But then something saved me. The one emotion that was stronger than fear. Hope. I had done this before. The odds were stacked against me, but i had done this before. And survived. I took a deep breathe. I felt the air rush into my lungs with cooling relief. I could do this.

Chapter 4 

After days of floating around on the ocean, we found it. We had made it to Mexico. We had knowledge of a Spanish settlement along the coast. Every man had their eyes on the shore. The reality of it all was beginning to sink in. Willing myself to carry on, the raft pushed towards the shore. This was it. The raft collided with the beach, like the waves had smashed into the ship. Men flew off the raft from the impact. I lay on the floor, the soft golden sand warm from the afternoon sun. I gasped, clawing at it until i was fully on the group. My parched lips whispered a thank to god. The rays from the sun seemed softer, instead of a relentless sting, it was more of a welcome. Pushing myself up from my sprawled position on the sand, i began to gather in the men. We had to stay strong. We had to stay together. 

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