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Paradise Islands


By: Marina

From: International School of Düsseldorf
Published on: May 19, 2016

This book describes and explains the third journey Captain James Cook commanded. It is focused in the end of it, as it was also his own end.

There are two different perspectives in the book; James Cook’s and King Kalani’opu’u. This last character was Hawaii’s king when James Cook arrived there. The ‘perspective changes’ are both indicated at the top and by the images to the left on the first page of each chapter. James Cook was the first man ever in the Hawaiian Islands, or Sandwich Islands (as he named them). He had already been there earlier in that journey, but never specifically in Hawaii, the largest island.

Captain James Cook arrives to shore in Kealakekua Bay. He was received and treated as a God. In fact, he had met a native prophecy which told the Hawaiians he was God Orono, god of peace and prosperity. But he didn’t meet all expectations…

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