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Journey to North America


By: Nora

Published on: May 30, 2017



This story is about a young man named Edward living in Bristol, England, who is forced by his family to go on a trip to India for trading purposes. He is offered the job as quartermaster on the ship by John Cabot, who was the navigator and captain. Edward was very depressed because he was scared something would go wrong and he missed his family. Back then, it was a risk to travel by ship.


When they reach land they realise that it’s not India, but home to people called the Algonquians. They come back to England to share their discovery and John Cabot becomes famous. After that, people have different opinions on the matter, was it fair that the British claimed the now called North America? Soon John Cabot went on another trip but never arrived or returned. Edward lives happily ever after.



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