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How America got its name


By: Darwin

From: International School of Düsseldorf
Published on: April 16, 2015

This is a story about the famous explorer Amerigo Vespucci, who was one of the greatest explorers of all times and thanks to his discoveries the “New World” (America) was named after him. In this story I wrote about his interactions with the native Indians and how he feels throughout the story as well as how Eduardo, the native leader feels. Vespucci brings home slaves to Spain to sell them. But as Eduardo finds out what Vespucci is planning he is unhappy with this decision and he will try everything to prevent this from happening. Will he succeed or become a slave himself?

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Audience: Middle School, Upper Elementary
Genre: Biographies and Memoirs, Fiction
Tagged with: Germs, Guns, Steel, Vespucci, explorer
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  1. Ibrahim says:

    A very interesting story. I feel that you had a good intent with your story to show how the natives suffered by overwhelming themselves vs, the very strong Europeans. There are some grammatical errors and I think you can use some more Explorer based words, otherwise a interesting story, but one thing is that you need to maybe go into some detail of weopry.

  2. Aaron Delanea says:

    I really like all the widgets that you have included in the book to help readers learn about Amerigo.

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