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Hernando de Soto – The Great Battle of Mabila


By: Victoria

From: International School of Düsseldorf
Published on: May 18, 2016

Explorers and the Explored
The Great Battle of Mabila is a book about Hernando de Soto and Chief Tascalusa of Mabila. It shows Jared Diamond’s theory of geographical luck and guns, germs and steel, through the Great Battle of Mabila.

It all started with the conquer of the Inca Empire. Hernando de Soto got famous and went on a new journey, through North America, to find the passage between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. He should have also colonised the mainlands of North America. On his voyage, he was accompanied by 620 men and 220 horses.

On this voyage he came across a lot of different problems and met Chief Tascalusa in Atahachi. From there they went on a journey to Mabila and in Mabila a big battle broke out after a festivity. This battle is a great example, of the theory, of guns, germs and steel. It shows that the Spanish clearly win since they are far more advanced than the native Americans because of their guns, germs and steel.

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