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Conquest of Peru


By: Jakub

Published on: May 30, 2017

Pizarro’s army is marching through the region of Cajamarca in Peru. People are starting to defect from Pizarro because they haven’t seen a sign of life. In April Pizarro and his army had made contact with emissaries of Atahualpa. The Incas invite the Spanish to the city.  There is a minor character that thinks they prepared a trap for them. People start to believe him and Pizarro is trying to settle the situation down. Finally, Pizarro settles the situation down and the army keeps on moving south. Atahuallpa enters the great square of Cajamarca. Pizarro sent out a priest, to exhort (encourage) the Inca to accept Christianity and Charles V as his master. Atahuallpa rejected both the religion and the sovereignty of the Spaniards. Valverde (priest) reported these events to Pizarro, who immediately ordered an attack. The astonished Incas were cut down from all sides, Pizarro himself seizing Atahuallpa. Atahuallpa was held as hostage and failed to win his release, though he fulfilled a promise to fill the chamber in which he was held with gold and silver. Atahuallpa was put to death on August 29, 1533.

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